How should I take care of my jewellery?
Taking good care of your jewellery ensures that you get many years of pleasure from it. Over time, accumulated dirt and grease may affect the brilliance of your gemstones. To maintain the sparkle of your gemstone jewellery, clean it once a month with a mild soap and a soft toothbrush. We also recommend that you send your jewellery to an established jeweller at least twice a year to have it professionally cleaned and examined.

Where and how should I keep my jewellery?

We recommend that you keep your jewellery in a hard jewellery case with different compartments for rings, pendants and earrings etc. All jewellery are delicate items no matter what settings they are in, so they should not be stored together. Doing so might cause abrasion which will eventually lead to chips and fractures on both gemstones and metals.